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“Is Your Lawyer’s Bill Too High?”

We have written about HALT.org (Help Abolish Legal Tyranny) in previous posts and its work for transparency in attorney discipline and reporting on state bar associations’ secrecy in the handling of attorney ethics complaints.  HALT also has a number of self-help brochures … Continue reading

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Should Clients Start Acting Like Consumers?

On this blog, we often refer to clients as legal consumers.  Clients who are paying for services provided by attorneys are consumers of legal services.  Hence the term “legal consumers.”  Inherent in that terminology is the concept that the legal industry is … Continue reading

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Finally . . . A Legal Reality Show!

For some time we have been lamenting around the water cooler that there is no reality show to educate legal consumers by showcasing different legal situations and ways to resolve them, much like the show The Doctors.  What a great resource … Continue reading

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Legal Consumer Tip #6 – Contract Terms Are Binding

Read all contract terms — you will be bound to them. While this oft-stated advice seems simple enough, many legal consumers don’t read all contract terms before signing, and even fewer stop to think about how the terms will play … Continue reading

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Council for Court Excellence – A Great Resource for Legal Consumers

The Council for Court Excellence (CCE), the “moving force” behind the “one day/one trial” jury duty system in the D.C. Superior Court, is a nonprofit organization formed in 1982, that “works to improve the administration of justice in the Washington metropolitan … Continue reading

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The Client’s Paradox

In today’s times when people need a lawyer to do almost anything, the choice of which lawyer is very important.  But as the number of lawyers to choose from has increased exponentially, the choice has become infinitely more complex.  A … Continue reading

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If It Can Happen To Tom Cruise . . . It Can Happen To You

So what does filing a lawsuit really entail?  Well for starters, depending on the type of lawsuit and the allegations, it can entail getting grilled about intimate details of your personal life – just ask Tom Cruise. In response to … Continue reading

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Should Lawyers Be Held Accountable For Results?

If you hire a lawyer to consult on a business or personal problem and they give you advice, do you expect that advice to lead to positive results?  Ron Ashkenas, managing partner of Schaffer Consulting, argues that business consultants should … Continue reading

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So You Want A Divorce . . .

We get a number of inquiries about finding attorneys from people contemplating separation and divorce and many voice concern about the expense and emotional toll the process takes. Now there’s help, and it’s publicly available. Laura Wasser, a celebrity family … Continue reading

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5 Questions To Ask Before Filing A Lawsuit

The thought of filing a lawsuit may seem empowering because you feel you have been wronged and want your day in court, but the reality of litigation is rarely understood.  Before stepping into the litigation arena, we suggest there are … Continue reading

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