Client Stories

Hands of children students holding pieaces of jiwsaw together as a symbol for autism or teamwork in school.

Take a look at some of the results we’ve helped our clients achieve.

Attorney Oversight

A corporate client needing to declare bankruptcy didn’t know where to start. We helped the client interview attorneys and select one. We then oversaw the attorney’s strategy and work, explained events to the client and kept an eye on the billings. Our advice and advocacy gave the corporate officers the piece of mind and protection they otherwise would not have had.

Empowering the Client

A client embroiled in a hotly contested divorce sought our help when the attorney refused to file an opposition paper until the client paid the attorney’s bills in full, which the client was unable to pay.  With the deadline for the opposition paper fast approaching, we contacted the attorney to intervene on the client’s behalf, only to be told that the attorney was on vacation, returning on the day of the deadline.  We worked with the client to ensure the deadline was not missed and negotiated a reduction of the billings and a structured payment plan.

Vetting Counsel

Clients needing to find counsel outside of the United States sought our advice on finding an attorney to bring suit against a non-United States insurance company for its refusal to pay a meritorious claim.  We interviewed foreign counsel with the clients and helped the clients assess whether the attorneys would properly handle the matter.

Contesting Attorney’s Bill

We counseled a client, a nationally known author and speaker, in the midst of a billing dispute with an attorney.  The attorney’s billings were twice what the client expected.  The client contested the attorney’s bill, only to receive a non-substantive response demanding payment.  We ghostwrote a response for the client, which resolved the matter.