Light Bulbs Concept

The services we provide fall under the following categories:

Services for Individuals

We work one-on-one with you to help you avoid issues with your attorney and to find the best solution to issues you may be having with your attorney. This could mean one hour, continued oversight or anything in between.

Services for Corporations/Businesses

We provide a number of services to corporations and businesses, and provide support to corporate counsel.  Our services include performing Independent Legal Audits (ILAs) – for hourly and value-based fee billing.

Services for Law Firms

Sometimes clients feel the relationship is lacking, sometimes attorneys have difficulty dealing with their clients, and sometimes the relationship breaks down. When the attorney/client relationship needs support, LPR can help.

Speaking Engagements

We provide informative and motivational talks about our experiences and how you can be a wise legal client.

We are not a law firm, we are attorneys dedicated to reforming legal practices