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A Bit Of Comic Relief

We wanted to share a bit of comic relief this week.  As you can see from the imbedded YouTube video, 80-year old Dolores Sheinis was before the court on a bond hearing for resisting arrest and violating a protective order to … Continue reading

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Finally . . . A Legal Reality Show!

For some time we have been lamenting around the water cooler that there is no reality show to educate legal consumers by showcasing different legal situations and ways to resolve them, much like the show The Doctors.  What a great resource … Continue reading

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LPR Congratulates DV LEAP On Its 10th Anniversary

DV LEAP (Domestic Violence Legal Empowerment and Appeals Project) celebrated its 10th anniversary last Thursday with celebrity keynote speaker Robin Givens.  LPR’s founder and CEO, Elisa Eisenberg, attended the event and returned with raves about the organization and about Ms. Givens. … Continue reading

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Up and Running

Dear legal consumers, We have been very busy behind the scenes getting set up, helping clients, and working on the platform for The Legal Reformer.  Going forward, each week we will be posting about current events and news affecting legal … Continue reading

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