Services for Individuals

Because we are attorneys, LPR’s services enjoy the protection of the attorney/client privilege.  That means our services are confidential and are not discoverable by your opponent.  Our retention can also be kept from your attorney, or we can interface with your attorney to ensure proper representation and billings.

We work one-on-one with you to help you avoid issues with your attorney and to find the best solution to issues you may be having with your attorney.  This could mean one hour, continued oversight or anything in between.  Our services include:

  • Identify legal needs and assist in attorney retention process
  • Conduct experience checks on legal counsel
  • Collaborate with client and/or attorney to create strategic and implementation plans
  • Interface with attorney on client’s behalf
  • Coach client in dealings with attorney
  • Oversee attorney strategy and/or work and recommend improvements/changes
  • Detect flaws in attorney representation
  • Analyze bills and case documents to make observations and/or recommendations regarding:
    • Appropriateness of work performed
    • Effectiveness of representation
    • Amount of billings
  • Counsel client when attorney attitude and treatment of client is improper
  • Advise client when attorney is violating ethics rules
  • Other services and solutions tailored to your specific needs

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