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Should Lawyers Be Held Accountable For Results?

If you hire a lawyer to consult on a business or personal problem and they give you advice, do you expect that advice to lead to positive results?  Ron Ashkenas, managing partner of Schaffer Consulting, argues that business consultants should … Continue reading

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Attorney Tip #4 – Help “Making Rain”

To further our mission of leveling the playing field between client and attorney, LPR is always on the lookout for media that can help attorneys better serve and communicate with their clients.  These “Attorney Tips” should also be considered by … Continue reading

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Alternatives Should Be Considered Before Litigation

So your lawyer recommends filing a lawsuit to resolve your issue.  The question you need to ask yourself and your lawyer is: Are there any alternatives to consider before resorting to litigation? To illustrate, imagine you own a home in … Continue reading

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