Finally . . . A Legal Reality Show!

For some time we have been lamenting around the water cooler that there is no reality show to educate legal consumers by showcasing different legal situations and ways to resolve them, much like the show The Doctors.  What a great resource a legal reality show would be for legal consumers — being able to learn about the law and the legal process, and perhaps one’s own legal issue, by watching legal matters play out on TV.

LegalizerWell now, finally, there is a legal reality show in the works.  According to the website, GRB Entertainment, a Los Angeles production company, is working on a show that is based on the BBC show The Legalizer.  The Legalizer is billed by the BBC as a “consumer series in which barrister Gary Bell QC helps claimants as they take their cases through the small claims court.”  Although the first episode was long and at times repetitive and hard to watch, we learned quite a bit about pursuing a claim in The Royal Court of Justice.  Hopefully GRB’s show will be instructive and gripping.

Jean Shi, GRB’s Vice President of Development, stated that the yet-to-be named show will have a host who will discuss legal options with individuals and guide them through the legal process.  She described the show as educating the participants on their options rather than giving legal advice:

The host will look at the whole picture and advise individuals on their rights and legal options and what steps they must take to get justice.

The show sounds promising.  Even if one has or will hire an attorney to handle a legal matter, legal consumers should be as educated as possible so they can understand the process and their lawyer’s advice in order to make informed decisions.  LPR applauds GRB for providing this much-needed service.  We’ll be watching!

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