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How Emotionally Intelligent is Your Lawyer?

Emotional intelligence is defined by Oxforddictionaries.com as “the capacity to be aware of, control, and express one’s emotions, and to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically.”  We discussed in our last post how beneficial to the attorney/client relationship an attorney’s … Continue reading

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Bill Campbell’s Leadership Advice

Silicon Valley lost their “Coach” last week when Bill Campbell died.  Mr. Campbell, who had been head football coach at Columbia, an Apple executive and board member, and chairman and CEO of Intuit, was an adviser to Steve Jobs and … Continue reading

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Attorney Tip #13 – Know Your Stuff or Get Help

There are many areas of the law, and no lawyer is an expert in all of them.  So before you offer legal advice and/or services that venture into an area of the law that is not within your expertise, be sure … Continue reading

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Attorney Tip #7 – Be Empathetic

Most attorneys will feel empathy for their own when they read a story about a BigLaw partner getting sued for malpractice over a botched patent application.  But LPR challenges those attorneys to see the situation from the client’s perspective. Debra MacKinnon, … Continue reading

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Justice Is Not Always Just – Criminal Court Edition

Twenty-one year old Baltimore, Maryland resident Tyree Threatt was picked out of photo lineup and arrested for armed robbery.  Bail was set at $75,000, which he could not afford.  The public defender’s investigation uncovered that at the time of the robbery Mr. … Continue reading

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Attorney Tip #6 – Be Upfront

When a client brings you a matter that will likely result in fees higher than the matter’s value, do you advise him/her of that fact?  If you hesitated to respond “yes,” even in the slightest, this tip is for you: … Continue reading

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The Client’s Paradox

In today’s times when people need a lawyer to do almost anything, the choice of which lawyer is very important.  But as the number of lawyers to choose from has increased exponentially, the choice has become infinitely more complex.  A … Continue reading

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A Commentary On Law Firm Life

In The Female Lawyer Exodus, Marlisse Silver Sweeney shares her experiences inside a law firm.  Appearing in The Daily Beast on July 31, 2013, the article examines the legal industry’s lack of work-life balance and the exit of so many women (and men) from … Continue reading

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Reasons Big Corporations Fire Law Firms – Consumers and Law Firms Take Note

Aric Press of The American Lawyer recently reported on a survey released by Acritas, a U.K.–based market research firm, detailing the reasons thousands of blue-chip corporations have fired their outside law firms.  Acritas cited four recurring reasons: too expensive (21 … Continue reading

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Legal Consumer Tip #3 . . . Attorney Tip #1 – Attitude Matters

“Her ingratitude is unbelievable.” So says a matrimonial attorney, reportedly in practice for more than 50 years, in response to a client’s legal malpractice lawsuit.  The lawsuit includes allegations that the attorney was in cahoots with her husband and reduced … Continue reading

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