Services for Law Firms

The attorney/client relationship should be one in which the clients are happy with the attorney’s representation and feels they are getting value for their money.  Sometimes clients feel the relationship is lacking, sometimes attorneys have difficulty dealing with their clients, and sometimes the relationship breaks down.

Because our founder is an attorney and has been a client, she is in the unique position of having experienced the attorney/client relationship from both sides.  When the attorney/client relationship needs support, LPR can help.

LPR now offers intermediary services to law firms.

Our intermediary services include:

  • Collaborate with client and/or attorney to create strategic and implementation plans that comport with client wishes and expectations
  • Interface with attorney and/or client to get each on the same page and bridge communication gaps
  • Advise attorney in dealing with client
  • Coach client in dealing with attorney
  • Review attorney strategy and/or work and communicate client’s wishes and/or concerns
  • Analyze pre-bills and case documents to make observations and/or recommendations from client perspective regarding:
    • Appropriateness of work performed and items billed
    • Effectiveness of representation
    • Amount of billings
  • Counsel attorney when client does not like the way s/he is being treated
  • Other intermediary services tailored to specific needs

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