If It Can Happen To 50 Cent . . . It Can Happen To You

Rapper 50 Cent’s legal bills are under scrutiny by a Connecticut bankruptcy court.  50 Cent filed for bankruptcy after losing an invasion of privacy case for posting a woman’s sex tape online, in which the jury awarded her $7 million.  Now, according to the New York Daily News, that woman is challenging 50 Cent’s legal bills, because her $7 million judgment and his attorneys’ bills will both be paid out of the limited funds in his bankruptcy.

50 Cent

50 Cent

With her payment now tied up in [50 Cent’s] bankruptcy case, she’s challenging the $123,455.92 that his Dallas-based lawyers are seeking for expenses related to the invasion of privacy case.

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She blasts the expenses as “extravagant, excessive and unreasonable,” noting that her own legal team spent less than $3,000 “when they prepared for and engaged in the same trial as the [Dallas] Firm.”

The woman claims that 50 Cent’s attorneys spent too much on hotel rooms, court reporter fees, legal research and travel fees.  If in fact, the woman’s attorneys spent $3,000 in expenses compared to 50 Cent’s attorney’s $123,000, there is a strong argument that the expenses were excessive.

Although 50 Cent supports his attorneys and the fees charged, there is a lesson here for all legal consumers.  Attorney billings often include expenses, which can sometimes get out of hand.  It’s important to fully understand the retention agreement’s provision relating to expenses and to keep an eye on the expenses billed.  Because, if it can happen to 50 Cent . . . it can happen to you.

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