Law Firms Give Back – With Turkeys reported this week about law firms that gave back to their communities by donating turkeys to those in need so that they could enjoy Thanksgiving.

  • imagesPandas Law Firm in Orlando, Florida has been giving away turkeys for seven years.  This year they gave away more than 3,000 turkeys.
  • Tully Rinckey of Albany, New York gave 200 turkeys to active and retired service members.  They have given for seven years.
  • Carrazzo Law of Tustin, California, a firm that handles anti-police brutality civil and criminal cases, donated turkeys and other groceries for the third year to families of victims killed by law enforcement officers.
  • TorHoerman Law of Edwardsville, Illinois gave away hundreds of turkeys for the second year in a row.

LPR applauds these and other law firms that give back to their communities.  We hope everyone had a festive and thanks-filled holiday.

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