The ABA Journal’s 9th Annual Blawg 100 – A Great Resource

The ABA Journal announced this year’s Blawg 100 in a December 1, 2015 post titled The 9th Annual Blawg 100.  In its post, the ABA Journal showcases blogs chosen with the help of its readers and bloggers, with certain of the blogs attaining a spot in the ABA Journal’s 2015 Blawg 100 Hall of Fame.

Illustration by Monica Burciaga and Stephen Webster for ABA Journal

Illustration by Monica Burciaga and Stephen Webster for ABA Journal

The ABA Journal also lists a slew of blogs on its Blawg Directory, which are searchable by topic, author type, region, law school and courts.  Any legal consumer who has an issue should consider this site as a resource.  However, it is important to note that the law on certain subjects can be different in different states, so the region search function can be particularly helpful.

Featured this week on the Blawg Directory, is the JAMS ADR Blog  The ABA Journal describes the blog as follows:

Blog posts educate readers about the positives of and the limitations of alternative dispute resolutions. Authors include advice for both practitioners and for clients, and they explain how arbitration and mediation work in the real world. They also discuss updates to ADR laws and regulations.

LPR applauds the ABA Journal for doing its part to help to educate legal consumers.  It’s 9th Annual Blawg 100 is a great resource.

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