Legal Consumer Tip #3 . . . Attorney Tip #1 – Attitude Matters

“Her ingratitude is unbelievable.”

So says a matrimonial attorney, reportedly in practice for more than 50 years, in response to a client’s legal malpractice lawsuit.  The lawsuit includes allegations that the attorney was in cahoots with her husband and reduced her to tears at every meeting. Divorced_womans_bid_to_sue_her_attorney_clears_hurdle&slreturn=20120724103937

Since the attorney denies any wrongdoing, and without any information about the truth of the allegations, LPR makes no comments or judgments about the validity of the lawsuit.  What strikes us as notable, however, is the attorney’s attitude.

It is important in a level attorney-client relationship that the attorney and client have mutual respect for one another.  In this context that means both understand that:

  • Clients pay for attorneys’ services
  • Attorneys are service providers to their clients
  • Clients should expect to be treated like a client who is paying the attorney’s bills
  • Attorneys should treat their clients like a client who is paying their bills

Attorney representation is not a favor, it is a service clients pay for.  Clients do not owe their attorneys any “gratitude.”

Attorneys whose work ethic embraces this notion and who treat their clients accordingly, even in the throes of a dispute, can reap the benefits of a satisfied client, repeat business, and referrals, and are applauded by LPR.

You’ve got options.  The Center for Legal Practice Reform can help you navigate the attorney/client relationship and level the playing field.  Call LPR today for a free consultation – (301) 351-7970.  

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