Attorney Tip #4 – Help “Making Rain”

To further our mission of leveling the playing field between client and attorney, LPR is always on the lookout for media that can help attorneys better serve and communicate with their clients.  These “Attorney Tips” should also be considered by legal consumers, because the best way to interact with your lawyer is to understand where he/she is coming from.

Debra Forman is a Certified Executive Coach in the Canadian firm Pinstripe Coaching.  She can be seen monthly in webisodes on Canadian Lawyer TV giving advice on “Making Rain.” Last March, Ms. Forman appeared in Episode 37: Lead by example giving insights into client service through case management.  Here are some excerpts:

  1. Lay the foundation – Telling [the assignment’s] story and providing key details.  Working in a vacuum produces piecework.  Understanding the total project produces strategic results.
  2. Dinghy v. cruise ship – Ensure the team understands the scope of project and is consistently addressing the main issue.  What’s the goal?
  3. Prepare and plan – Regardless of how expert you are in your area of law,  preparing and planing will ensure the project’s ultimate success.
  4. Practise in real time – Time management is a misnomer.  Regardless of what you do, time will pass . . . . Set real project deadlines and keep the team focused on meeting those targets.
  5. Build trust and relationships – Demonstrate to the team how open [client] communication leads to trust, how trust needs to be earned, and once earned, how trust needs to be maintained and developed.
  6. Take constant inventory – A strong leader will allow for follow ups, provide constructive feedback and guidance as required, enabling all project members to contribute successfully.  Keep abreast of all aspects of the project.  There should never be any surprises.
  7. Deliver the goods – The client has a lot invested in the project and this importance for them needs to be acknowledged.  For both the client and the team, great client service will create great satisfaction and will further great opportunities through a great relationship.

Ms. Forman’s advice is spot on to help attorneys better their client service.  Legal consumers should take note . . . and expect no less.

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