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Legal Consumer Tip #5 – Evaluating Settlement Issues

In September 2012, we blogged about a Colorado jury’s $2 million verdict against a law firm that pressured a client to settle a contingency fee case for less than it was worth. In that post, we noted that settlement comes … Continue reading

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Reasons Big Corporations Fire Law Firms – Consumers and Law Firms Take Note

Aric Press of The American Lawyer recently reported on a survey released by Acritas, a U.K.–based market research firm, detailing the reasons thousands of blue-chip corporations have fired their outside law firms.  Acritas cited four recurring reasons: too expensive (21 … Continue reading

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Attorney Disbarred for Fee Ultimatum to Clients

The New Hampshire Supreme Court disbarred an attorney this week for giving an ultimatum to his clients in February of 2006: agree to his $2 million fee or he would not represent them in the mediation taking place that same … Continue reading

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Pressure to Settle: In Your Best Interest . . . or Your Lawyer’s?

Last week, a Colorado jury handed down a more than $2 million verdict against a Denver law firm for pressuring a client, in a contingency fee case, to settle for less than it was worth. In her lawsuit, the client portrayed the firm as … Continue reading

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Scott Turow Weighs In: The Billable Hour Must Die

Notable author, Scott Turow, wrote the cover article for the August 2007 issue of the ABA Journal, titled The Billable Hour Must Die: It rewards inefficiency. It makes clients suspicious. And it may be unethical.     Interestingly, The Billable Hour Must Die has … Continue reading

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It’s 2012, Do You Know If The Attorney You Are Choosing Has A Disciplinary History?

In the long-running saga of Lindsay Lohan’s legal troubles, every single misstep — each dirty drug test, every missed court appearance, even a profane message etched on her fingernail — was publicized, scrutinized and dissected in tabloids the world over. … Continue reading

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Why Do So Many Lawyers False Bill?

Perhaps many lawyers false bill because they can get away with it.  Padding billable time, for example, has become so common that many lawyers don’t even consider it improper. Dan Ariely, the James B. Duke Professor of Psychology and Behavioral … Continue reading

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