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Evaluation of the North Carolina State Bar

Something is rotten in the state of North Carolina . . . or at least in the State Bar (“Bar”). Former North Carolina Supreme Court Justice Bob Orr has called for a full independent review of the Bar, which is the entity … Continue reading

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Life Of A Bar Complaint – At Least In D.C.

So what happens when a legal consumer files a bar complaint?  Are the attorneys ever really disciplined?  Recently, the Washington Lawyer magazine ran an article titled Q&A With Eric Yaffe: Chair of the Board on Professional Responsibility, addressing these and other … Continue reading

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It’s Not Just The Lawyers And Judges . . .

When we blog about the legal system needing reform, we tend to focus on issues involving lawyers and judges, but the whole system needs reform.  Illustrating this is the revocation of a New Jersey psychologist’s license after being found to have influenced … Continue reading

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Judicial Assistance For Litigants Without Lawyers?

The D.C. Commission on Judicial Disabilities and Tenure recently called out a D.C. Superior Court judge seeking senior status for “discourteous and impatient treatment of litigants.”  The Commission was created in 1970 to oversee the conduct of D.C.’s judges.   Reading the … Continue reading

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You Can’t Judge Attorneys By Their Reputations

So you’ve hired the most expensive, well-respected lawyer in the city to handle the most important dispute of your life.  Think that guarantees you will be well represented? Think again. On May 21, 2013, The Washington Post reported that the Virginia Bar … Continue reading

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Astonishing Remark from the Bench!

With one stunning comment, a Southern California judge delivered an astonishing remark about rape victims everywhere. Orange County, California Superior Court Judge Derek Johnson, a former prosecutor in the Orange County district attorney’s sex crimes unit, made the following comment at a … Continue reading

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Are State Bar Grievance Committees “Good Ol’ Boy Systems”?

Every practicing attorney in the U.S. is licensed by one or more state bar associations, and those licensing entities have grievance committees that address ethics complaints filed against attorneys they license.  What many legal consumers may not know is that … Continue reading

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Attorney Disbarred for Fee Ultimatum to Clients

The New Hampshire Supreme Court disbarred an attorney this week for giving an ultimatum to his clients in February of 2006: agree to his $2 million fee or he would not represent them in the mediation taking place that same … Continue reading

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Judge Benched for Treatment of Litigant – Update

Following up on The Washington Post Editorial Board opinion in LPR’s last blog post, The Baltimore Sun reported on September 11, 2012, in an article titled Judge to Retire Amid Complaints About Domestic Violence Case, that Baltimore County District Court Judge Bruce … Continue reading

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Judge Benched for Treatment of Litigant

The Washington Post Editorial Board posted an opinion on September 9, 2012 titled When Judges Behave Badly, commenting on Baltimore County District Judge Bruce S. Lamdin’s December 12, 2011 treatment of a domestic violence litigant seeking a restraining order against her husband … Continue reading

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