It’s National Love Your Lawyer Day!

The American Lawyers Public Image Association (ALPIA) announced in a press release that November 6, 2015 is National Love Your Lawyer Day and to commemorate the occasion, ALPIA is asking the public to cease lawyer jokes and bashing for the day.  Rather than bad-mouthing your attorney or the judge presiding over your case, ALPIA asks you to celebrate them.

269206Call your attorney and say Happy Lawyer’s Day! or thanks for doing a great job, or even send a gift, flowers or a card . . . Lawyers are always painted as the bad guy, even if they pull off some crazy Houdini-esque maneuvers to help their clients. We’re hoping this day will spark public interest in commending lawyers rather than condemning them.

This annual event that occurs on the first Friday of November was established in 2001. According to ALPIA, dissing lawyers on National Love Your Lawyer Day is “a big no-no and considered in poor taste,” and anyone who engages in lawyer bashing on this day is asked to donate $20 per bash to charity.  ALPIA is also asking lawyers to provide at least one hour of pro bono work or donate one billable hour to Childreach International or Make-A-Wish Foundation in celebration of the day.

Beginning this year, ALPIA has expanded the celebration globally.

National (and now International) Love Your Lawyer Day (formerly “I Love My Lawyer Day”) is the single greatest pro-lawyer event in the world. It is celebrated on every first Friday of November. Established by ALPIA in 2001, Love Your Lawyer Day is a day of lawyer and judge appreciation in which the public, lawyers, judges, bar associations and other legal organizations are asked to participate.

On this National Love Your Lawyer Day, LPR commends all of the lawyers and judges who work tirelessly for the legal consumer and who treat them with respect.

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