Attorney Fear And The Effect On You

We have written before about the attorney/client relationship and the benefits of understanding your attorney’s perspective.  Shedding more light on the subject, University of Missouri emeritus professor of law John Lande has researched and compiled a list of common attorney fears.  Professor Lande’s list is enumerated in the November 1, 2015 article titled 32 of lawyers’ most common fears

fear-198932_640The article details fears attorneys tend to face in litigation and in negotiation – all of which can be classified as performance anxiety.

According to Professor Lande, litigation fears include:

  • Lacking skill and confidence due to limited trial experience
  • Harming their clients’ interests
  • Being attacked or outsmarted by counterparts

And, negotiation fears include:

  • Insecurity about their negotiation skills or preparation
  • Being dominated or exploited by their counterparts
  • Making tactical errors

Attorneys are human and can at times suffer from self-doubt like anyone else.  Sometimes attorney fear manifests as bravado, anger or annoyance with a client, and/or client avoidance.  Regardless of the display, it is important to understand that if an attorney treats you improperly, it may not be anything you’ve done.  Sometimes it’s his or her fear talking.

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