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Should Clients Start Acting Like Consumers?

On this blog, we often refer to clients as legal consumers.  Clients who are paying for services provided by attorneys are consumers of legal services.  Hence the term “legal consumers.”  Inherent in that terminology is the concept that the legal industry is … Continue reading

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The Client’s Paradox

In today’s times when people need a lawyer to do almost anything, the choice of which lawyer is very important.  But as the number of lawyers to choose from has increased exponentially, the choice has become infinitely more complex.  A … Continue reading

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5 Questions To Ask Before Filing A Lawsuit

The thought of filing a lawsuit may seem empowering because you feel you have been wronged and want your day in court, but the reality of litigation is rarely understood.  Before stepping into the litigation arena, we suggest there are … Continue reading

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“Setting Your Expectations”

Common sense – one of the legal consumer’s best tools for navigating the attorney client relationship – can be found in the unlikeliest of places, even in a home remodeling magazine: No matter where you are in the home remodeling … Continue reading

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A Boilerplate Lawsuit Costs How Much???

In Brooklyn, a boilerplate American With Disabilities Act (ADA) lawsuit can cost your targeted business $15,000.  The good news, federal Judge Sterling Johnson, Jr. issued an opinion on March 28, 2013 denying a $15,000 request for attorney fees by two … Continue reading

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Kris Humphries’ Lawyer’s Request to Withdraw – A Lesson for Legal Consumers?

The Associated Press reports that Kris Humphries’ lawyer, Marshall Waller, filed paperwork Thursday seeking to withdraw from representing Humphries in his divorce from Kim Kardashian.  Mr. Waller’s stated reason for filing was “irreconcilable differences.” Lawyers representing clients in lawsuits may withdraw … Continue reading

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“Monday Mornings” – Not Just for Doctors

David E. Kelley, a lawyer by training, left the law and became a Hollywood writer, producer and creator of many hit TV series. His latest is a medical drama based on Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s book of the same name: Monday Mornings on … Continue reading

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New Year’s Resolution (Just ONE) for Lawyers and Judges

On Monday morning, General Stanley McChrystal appeared on NBC’s the Today Show to promote his new book, My Share of the Task, and in speaking with Matt Lauer, dropped a gem that should be the ONE resolution that all lawyers and … Continue reading

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Legal Consumer Tip #4 – Think Like a Lawyer

One of the best ways to effectively communicate with your lawyer, and to make sure your lawyer is hearing you and working toward your goals, is to put yourself in your lawyer’s shoes.  Understanding how s/he receives your communications — … Continue reading

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Legal Consumer Tip #2 – Justice is Not Always Just

Imagine a case in which person A sues person B, and the case is tried before a judge.  The judge takes all of the evidence under consideration and objectively supports his/her ruling with accurate factual findings based on the evidence … Continue reading

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