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Federal Criminal Sentencing Reform

As our loyal readers well know, we generally do not blog about criminal matters unless something truly remarkable compels us to do so.  Judge Stefan Underhill’s call to reform federal sentencing is one of those remarkable matters. Judge Underhill, who sits on … Continue reading

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How Reliable Is Eyewitness Testimony?

The reliability of eyewitness testimony has been highlighted by the Ferguson grand jury process, in which the grand jury heard from a number of eyewitnesses with differing accounts of what transpired between officer Darren Wilson and Michael Brown.  Each likely believed what … Continue reading

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Sitting Judges As Mediators

In Shawnee County District Court, located in Topeka, Kansas, sitting judges are mediating “serious” criminal cases.  According to The Topeka Capital-Journal, this mediation program is a growing trend that is avoiding “legal warfare,” alleviating the need for victim and witness testimony, and sparing … Continue reading

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