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Are “Super Lawyers” Really Super?

We’ve all seen those advertisements naming “Super Lawyers,” “Rising Stars,” “Best Lawyers” and other top lawyer lists.  But what do those designations really mean?  Are the attorneys on those lists really the best? The short answer is sometime yes . … Continue reading

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Suing For Emotional Distress? You May Have To Submit To An IPE

So you plan to bring a civil suit against someone or some entity to obtain retribution for some wrong, and as part of your lawsuit, you plan to allege intentional or negligent infliction of emotional distress.  In deciding whether to allege emotional … Continue reading

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Legal Consumer Tip #9 – Have An Estate Plan? Get It In Writing!

So you’ve had a will prepared, and maybe included a trust or two, with the intent of making the process of distributing your estate as smooth as possible for your heirs after you pass.  Maybe your intent is to limit … Continue reading

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The Elderly and Others Beware

A well-respected elder law attorney in New Jersey who offered seminars on end of life affairs pleaded guilty on Monday to first degree money laundering, admitting she stole millions of dollars from elderly clients.  According to the State of New … Continue reading

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Time To Check Beneficiaries?

LPR does not write about the law, as we are not a law firm.  But the story of a man who reportedly intended for his retirement to be distributed to his four children after his death — which because of a … Continue reading

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Maybe You Can’t Fight City Hall, But You Can Fight Equifax

An Oregon woman was awarded $18.6 million against Equifax by an Oregon federal jury last Friday for Equifax’s failure to fix major inaccuracies in her credit report – $180,000 in compensatory damages and $18.4 million in punitive damages.  The Oregonian … Continue reading

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Caveat Emptor – Corporate Clients Need to Beware, Too

A corporate client filed a legal malpractice and breach of fiduciary duty lawsuit on August 27, 2012 against the law firm and attorneys representing it in several securities class action litigations.  The lawsuit includes allegations that the firm and attorneys … Continue reading

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Caveat Emptor – Legal Buyer Beware

In December 2011, Debra Cassens Weiss posted an article on the ABA Journal website titled Suit by Fired Lawyer Claims Law Firm Encouraged Fraud with 3000-Hour Billable Quota.  The article reported on a California lawyer’s employment bias law suit alleging he … Continue reading

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