Anna Alaburda’s Case Against Her Law School

There has been quite a lot of buzz about Anna Alaburda’s case against her former law school, Thomas Jefferson School of Law, for publishing fraudulent post-graduation employment statistics to entice perspective law students to apply.  There are many opinions about the folly of such a lawsuit, and even some unkind sentiments about Ms. Alaburda.  Going against the establishment is never easy.

imagesThe jury today reached a verdict in the law school’s favor.  The 9-3 jury verdict was against Ms. Alaburda on all counts.

Yesterday, after closing arguments in the trial, Jeff Bennion wrote in support of Ms. Alaburda’s lawsuit for Above The Law, titled What The Alaburda v. Thomas Jefferson Law Case Is Not About.  And today, after the verdict, Staci Zaretsky wrote in support of Ms. Alaburda in an Above The Law article titled Verdict Reached In The Alaburda v. Thomas Jefferson Law Landmark Case Over Fraudulent Employment Statistics.  

We agree with both Above The Law articles and applaud Ms. Alaburda for having the courage to stand up in the face of public misunderstanding and ridicule.  Even though the verdict was in the law school’s favor, we hope that all law schools take heed.

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