If It Can Happen To BB King . . . It Can Happen To You

Rock and Roll Hall of Famer BB King is currently in hospice care in his home, while his long-time manager and certain of his children are fighting over control of his affairs.  As reported by the BBC in a May 8, 2015 article titled, BB King: Musician’s family lose bid to control his affairs, three of Mr. King’s children filed a lawsuit claiming that his manager, who has power of attorney, was neglecting Mr. King’s medical care and stealing his money.  The court held a hearing, which Mr. King did not attend.  The judge found no evidence of abuse and ruled in favor of Mr. King’s manager:

BB King

BB King

Mr King has counsel. I don’t have anything here that says he lacks capacity. He has some serious health issues. But he has counsel. If he feels like he’s being taken advantage of, he has remedies.

It appears that Mr. King appointed his long-time manager to look after his finances and welfare when he was no longer able to do so, rather than appoint any of his children.

There are so many stories of this type of elder abuse and of children, friends and counsel fighting over who is best to look after elders, especially when the elders have money. Unfortunately, there is no sure way to know whether those in control are taking advantage.  Even the judges don’t know for sure.

When deciding who will have control over your affairs when you are no longer able, it is important to consider that serious consequences can result.  It’s an important decision – your very life could depend on it.

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