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We have previously posted about judges who blog, including Judge Richard G. Kopf of the U.S. District Court for the District of Nebraska and his blog, Herculesandtheumpire.com. This week, we received an email from Judge Alan Pendleton of the Tenth Judicial District Court in Anoka, Minnesota, advising us that he reads our blog and advising us of his blog, PendletonUpdates.com.

Judge Alan Pendleton

Judge Alan Pendleton

Judge Pendleton started his Judicial Training & Education Blog in August 2014 at the request of his Supreme Court Chief Justice.  According to Judge Pendleton, his blog

serves as the official repository for a series of judicial training updates . . . and is also designed to serve as a one-stop judicial resource library with numerous hyperlinks to sites of interest.

After browsing through the blog, we note that it contains a plethora of information for Minnesota judges (and judges applying Minnesota law).  But we also saw in the blog straight-forward language that could be an informative resource for Minnesota legal consumers as well.  The blog covers many legal issues, including civil (litigation) procedure, criminal procedure, criminal law, divorce, domestic violence, eviction, evidence, and trial issues.

We are gratified that Judge Pendleton has read our blog, and we thank him for bringing his blog to our attention.

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