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The American Bar Association named Michelle Crosby as one of its 2014 Legal Rebels for her innovative divorce model that removes the cost, length, and adversarial nature from divorce.  According to the ABA article on Ms. Crosby, titled Wevorce CEO Michelle Crosby is shaking up the adversarial divorce process, after enduring her parents’ highly contentious divorce, including taking the witness stand at nine years old, she decided to reform the divorce process.

wevorceThe Wevorce model utilizes attorneys as mediators once the divorcing couple is classified as one of 18 family archetypes. The article describes two of the archetypes: one archetype is when one spouse handled the finances, the other spouse is given information and educational materials to level the playing field; and another archetype is when one spouse is blindsided by the divorce, the other spouse will likely be more emotional.

This model uses “technology, neuroscience, psychology and pattern recognition,” putting the focus on the unique aspects of each divorce.  Common divorce steps are automated, saving about 60 percent of the normal cost of divorce.  And, according to its website, Wevorce has a flat fee structure and a five-step process:

Five steps to a better divorce.

Wevorce’s five-step process ensures kids come first, costs remain affordable and everyone stays out of court. It’s a whole new way of approaching divorce.

  • Foundation building
  • Parenting planning
  • Financial mapping
  • Document prepping
  • Final review

Before starting Wevorce, Ms. Crosby developed and applied her model to her divorce clients.  Only one of 100 couples ended up in court.

LPR applauds Ms. Crosby for her efforts to reform divorce practices.  We hope that she successfully gets the word out and that lengthy, costly and contentious divorces will someday soon be a thing of the past.

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