Legal Consumer Tip #8 – McElhaney on Litigation

We’ve blogged before about certain of Jim McElhaney’s articles for the ABA Journal and about self-help resources for legal consumers.  After reading many of the almost 100 articles Mr. McElhaney wrote, we believe that his “advice”  for lawyers also qualifies as an instructive self-help resource for legal consumers.  A sampling of his McElhaney on Litigation articles includes the following:

  • SelfDon’t Be Seduced: Falling in Love with Your Case Means You Won’t See Its Shortcomings
  • Play by the Rules: There Is a Right Way to Make Objections
  • Experts Will Tell You a Lot in Depositions if You Ask the Right Questions
  • That’s a Good One: Effective Trial Lawyers Know How to Tell a Good Story
  • Killing Your Case with Clutter
  • Closing Theme
  • The Arsenal of Persuasion
  • Persuasive Cross-Examination
  • Persuasive Direct [Examination]
  • Organizing the Case
  • The Point of Cross [Examination]
  • How to Make a Losing Argument
  • Persuasive Organization

Legal consumers can find these and other of Mr. McElhaney’s articles about different aspects of litigation by clicking on the link above.  His articles are an excellent, easy to follow, resource for anyone entering or in litigation.

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