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Should Lawyers Be Held Accountable For Results?

If you hire a lawyer to consult on a business or personal problem and they give you advice, do you expect that advice to lead to positive results?  Ron Ashkenas, managing partner of Schaffer Consulting, argues that business consultants should … Continue reading

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So You Want A Divorce . . .

We get a number of inquiries about finding attorneys from people contemplating separation and divorce and many voice concern about the expense and emotional toll the process takes. Now there’s help, and it’s publicly available. Laura Wasser, a celebrity family … Continue reading

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LPR Tapped To Give Seminar on November 13, 2013

Elisa Eisenberg, Founder and CEO of Center for Legal Practice Reform (LPR), has been tapped by Live and Learn Bethesda’s Beverly Amsterdam to conduct a “lunch and learn” seminar titled, Need A Lawyer? How to Navigate the Attorney/Client Relationship.  The seminar … Continue reading

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5 Questions To Ask Before Filing A Lawsuit

The thought of filing a lawsuit may seem empowering because you feel you have been wronged and want your day in court, but the reality of litigation is rarely understood.  Before stepping into the litigation arena, we suggest there are … Continue reading

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“Setting Your Expectations”

Common sense – one of the legal consumer’s best tools for navigating the attorney client relationship – can be found in the unlikeliest of places, even in a home remodeling magazine: No matter where you are in the home remodeling … Continue reading

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