Law School for Legal Consumers?

William & Mary Law School is now offering a course titled “Introduction to the U.S. Legal System,” which teaches how judges and lawyers think and other information about the U.S. legal system.  In a June 5, 2013 Law Technology News article titled Taste Law School Before You Buy!, Monica Bay reports that the course, which has a $2,799 price tag, will have an online component and three-days on campus.

English: Frederic Lederer, director of the Cen...

English: Frederic Lederer, director of the Center for Legal and Court Technology, at William and Mary Law School in Va., discusses new state-of-the-art audio & video technology recently installed in the Guantanamo Office of Military Commissions courtroom. The technology enables this courtroom to function on par with modern federal courtrooms in the U.S. (JTF Guantanamo photo by Army Spc. Shanita Simmons) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Fredric Lederer, William & Mary Law School Chancellor Professor at Law and Director of Center for Legal and Court Training, says the goal of the program is to provide a basic understanding of the law and legal system to non-lawyers:

The program will address the mechanics of law, how law is made and modified; the role of trial and appellate courts; functions and perspectives of judges, lawyers, and court administrators; and the nature of civil and criminal litigation, administrative law, and alternative dispute resolution. It will include introductory material about a number of substantive legal areas.

Although the price seems steep, the concept of educating non-lawyers in the law and legal system is a great idea.  LPR envisions a time when videos about all aspects of the law are available free online.  What a great resource for legal consumers that would be!

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