Attorneys Can Learn from These Tennessee Teens

Good Morning America – Homecoming Surprise for Tennessee Teen (ABC News)

We at LPR were so taken by a news piece reported today by Good Morning America that we had to blog about it.  Tennessee Homecoming King Nominees Give Crown to Another Teen reports on three homecoming king nominees who gave the crown to a special needs teen in front of a crowd of cheering high schoolers:

Students Jesse Cooper, Drew Gibbs and Zeke Grissom were all nominated for homecoming king at Community High School’s basketball homecoming ceremony.

The teens got together and decided that the winner would turn over the honor to junior Scotty Maloney, who has Williams Syndrome, a neurological disorder that inhibits learning and speech.

“I’ve been blessed with so many things,” Cooper told ABC News’ Nashville affiliate WKRN-TV. “I just wanted Scotty to experience something great in his high school days.”

These boys’ selfless and thoughtful treatment of their schoolmate should serve as a lesson to all of us, and especially to all attorneys.

Many clients are challenged by the legal system and are vulnerable.  LPR hopes that all attorneys will revisit their ethical obligations to their clients and redouble their efforts to treat each client with the same selflessness and thoughtfulness demonstrated by these high school boys.

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