Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions for Legal Consumers

Happy New Year

Happy New Year (Photo credit: James Marvin Phelps)

Finally, New Year’s resolutions that are easy to keep.  Just repeat: “I’m the client, I’m the client.”  While those words ring in your head, read on for LPR’s top 10 New Year’s resolutions for all legal consumers:

  1. Start the New Year by being forthcoming with your attorney and fully discussing your expectations about your matter and the fees and costs you expect to pay.
  2. Ask questions no matter how stupid you think they are – just like when you were (or are) in school, the only stupid question is the one you did not ask.
  3. Tell your attorney, preferably in writing, if you have concerns about his/her work, results and/or billing – and do so promptly.
  4. Don’t be afraid of your attorney or what he/she will think.
  5. Take stock, investigate, and evaluate your attorney – consider whether you should change attorneys or whether your attorney needs a heart to heart talk.
  6. Don’t allow your attorney to disrespect or intimidate you – remember, YOU are the client.
  7. Don’t be a legal victim or doormat.
  8. Don’t just pay your attorney’s bills without reviewing them.  Virtually all attorney letters accompanying bills close with a statement inviting questions or concerns about the billings.  So, if you have an issue with the bill, or any questions or concerns, communicate that to your attorney right away.
  9. Keep an eye on everything your attorney does on your case – be an informed legal consumer.
  10. Expect your attorney to be competent and to provide quality representation at a fair and reasonable price.  Don’t settle for anything less.

Stick to these resolutions, and LPR believes we will be on the path to reforming legal practices.

You’ve got options.  The Center for Legal Practice Reform can help you navigate the attorney/client relationship and level the playing field.  Call LPR today for a free consultation – (301) 351-7970. 

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