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The Cost of Good Legal Writing . . . Worth It?

In the March 2013 issue of the ABA Journal is an article written by Bryan Garner titled Why Lawyers Can’t Write.  Mr. Garner is president of LawProse Inc., editor-in-chief of Black’s Law Dictionary, and an author (including a book with Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia). … Continue reading

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Value-Fee Agreements – Issues for Legal Consumers and Attorneys to Consider

Patrick J. Lamb posted an article on the Legal Rebels’ section of the abajournal.com website on November 7, 2012 titled: Prepping a Value-Fee Engagement Letter? Consider These 13 Issues First. He is a founding member of Valorem Law Group, author of Alternative Fee Arrangements: Value … Continue reading

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Legal Consumer Tip #4 – Think Like a Lawyer

One of the best ways to effectively communicate with your lawyer, and to make sure your lawyer is hearing you and working toward your goals, is to put yourself in your lawyer’s shoes.  Understanding how s/he receives your communications — … Continue reading

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Scott Turow Weighs In: The Billable Hour Must Die

Notable author, Scott Turow, wrote the cover article for the August 2007 issue of the ABA Journal, titled The Billable Hour Must Die: It rewards inefficiency. It makes clients suspicious. And it may be unethical.     Interestingly, The Billable Hour Must Die has … Continue reading

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Effecting Legal Practice Reform . . . Law Students First

Perhaps one way to effect legal practice reform is to address it with students before they become members of the legal community.  Like the teaching of bed-side manner to medical students, law students may well be the most willing and … Continue reading

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