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Time To Check Beneficiaries?

LPR does not write about the law, as we are not a law firm.  But the story of a man who reportedly intended for his retirement to be distributed to his four children after his death — which because of a … Continue reading

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If All Lawyers Spent Time As Clients . . . Maybe The System Would Be Better

We stumbled on an article about a doctor’s eye-opening experience spending time as a patient, and it got us thinking: what if all lawyers spent time as clients?  Perhaps the best way to see how the system affects those who … Continue reading

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Legal Reform Needs More Than Law Firm Innovation

In 2009, a virtual law firm named Clearspire emerged onto the legal scene with the plan to provide clients an alternative to BigLaw.  Clearspire touted high-end attorneys at lower hourly rates by eliminating physical law offices and partner profits, and … Continue reading

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“When Judges Err”

When judges realize their written opinion contains a mistake, should they publicly acknowledge the mistake and the correction?  U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit Judge Andrew D. Hurwitz answered that question in the affirmative in his recent essay for the … Continue reading

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