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You Can’t Judge Attorneys By Their Reputations

So you’ve hired the most expensive, well-respected lawyer in the city to handle the most important dispute of your life.  Think that guarantees you will be well represented? Think again. On May 21, 2013, The Washington Post reported that the Virginia Bar … Continue reading

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Instructive: United States Trustee Program’s Proposed Billing Guidelines

The United States Trustee Program (USTP), an agency of the U.S. Department of Justice tasked with “overseeing the administration of bankruptcy cases and private trustees,” has issued updated proposed guidelines for attorney compensation in chapter 11 cases with $50 million or … Continue reading

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Searchable Databases of Judicial Decisions? It’s Possible!

What if there were a searchable database of state court judicial decisions, and you could readily find out how your judge decided cases like yours?  Many state courts have online databases of court case dockets, and some have viewable and … Continue reading

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Criminal Cases Also Need A Level Playing Field

A Texas District Attorney reportedly hides evidence and secures a murder conviction. Twenty-five years later DNA evidence exonerates an innocent man, and a Texas judge issues an arrest warrant for the former DA, who is now a judge himself.  Sounds … Continue reading

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