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New Federal Agency CFPB to Oversee Debt Collectors — Including Lawyers and Law Firms

The Washington Post reported on October 23, 2012 that the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), a new federal “watchdog agency,” will be overseeing debt collection firms with receipts of more than $10 million, and that the collection firms overseen will include lawyers … Continue reading

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Are State Bar Grievance Committees “Good Ol’ Boy Systems”?

Every practicing attorney in the U.S. is licensed by one or more state bar associations, and those licensing entities have grievance committees that address ethics complaints filed against attorneys they license.  What many legal consumers may not know is that … Continue reading

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Reasons Big Corporations Fire Law Firms – Consumers and Law Firms Take Note

Aric Press of The American Lawyer recently reported on a survey released by Acritas, a U.K.–based market research firm, detailing the reasons thousands of blue-chip corporations have fired their outside law firms.  Acritas cited four recurring reasons: too expensive (21 … Continue reading

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$220K in Legal Fees to Fight 11-Year $2K Dispute!

Does $222,000 sound like an unbelievable amount to spend on legal fees to fight a homeowner’s association’s lawsuit over a $2,212 bill for lawn re-sodding?  That’s exactly what happened to a retired Tampa, Florida couple when they refused to pay the total … Continue reading

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